He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
— Arabian Proverb

In early 2018, I discovered the power of doTERRA essential oils. Since then…so much has changed in my life, with my health and for my daughter.

To say these oils have transformed my life is not an understatement. And it because of my direct experience that I share these beautiful oils with you. My story, though, began seven years earlier…


When my daughter was 3.5, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JRA) and shortly thereafter, Uveitis (inflammation in the eyes.)

If you are currently on the auto-immune journey, you know that immune-suppressant drugs are Western medicine’s answer to these conditions.

At the time, I felt strongly that this would be the wrong course of treatment for her. (I still feel this way!) Through diet, homeopathy, osteopathy & specialised nutrition, the inflammation in her joints was controlled within a year or so. However, her eyes proved more difficult to support. The inflammation remained stubbornly present with some ups and downs. To protect her vision, she needed steroid eye drops, and twice a long stint with oral steroids, but we have avoided the stronger systemic drugs (and their long-term side effects…).

Ours was an intensive program of complimentary medicine with many lifestyle changes to help her body come into balance. This was a TON of work…but everything helped…and she surprised her Western medical team again and again. However, this year after a bout with a 3 different viruses, her system again went into flare with impact on her eyes.

This is what led me to doTERRA. This last flare has truly been a gift….and the oils have been amazing in supporting a reduction of inflammation. Her vision is now back where it was previously and her steroids are reducing week by week.

We are not out of the woods yet….and the oils are not the only piece of her wellness protocol. But they are a crucial part of what we do on a daily basis. We use the oils to help her body stay in balance. And we use the oils to keep her immune system boosted against future illness. (So many in her class have been sick this term…and for her, not a sniffle.)

And…we use the oils to support her emotionally. It is not easy being different from all the kids in your class. It isn’t easy eating foods (or not eating foods) with everyone else. And it is frustrating to always have another doctor’s visit…but she is thriving!



I am a full-time single self-employed parent. If you are parenting a child through a chronic illness, you know how emotionally draining this can be. The stress during challenging times; the extra work; the cost of complimentary medicine and supplements…all of this takes it’s toll.

These oils have become my lifeline. They boost and support me in so many ways: Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For sleep, for mood, for the immune system, for pain, to reduce toxins, to support digestion and detoxification, for flawless skin…I could go on…

We use the oils internally, topically and aromatically. The oils with other doTERRA products (shampoo, cleaners, laundry detergent, moisturiser, etc…), we have detoxified our home and personal care routines even further….

Now, I have the oils as a tool. How I wish I had them in 2011…but everything happens in it’s own time…right?

This is why I share doTERRA. This is why I love helping other families discover the power of pure therapeutic grade oils.

They are, I think, a little bit of nature’s magic in a bottle…

doterra oils


doTERRA is one of the largest global wellness & essential oil companies built on the mission of sharing therapeutic grade essential oils with the world

The essential oil industry has no standard of quality. Oils can vary in quality, producer to producer, much like wine varies in taste. doTERRA have created the CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) standard. Each and every batch of oil is tested against this standard. This is why I trust only doTERRA oils.

DoTERRA also created their Co-Impact Sourcing model. They work together in DIRECT partnership WITH their growers around the world. Each oil is sourced from the location and the farmers that produce the best, highest quality oil. doTERRA also work to improve the economic futures of their farmers through their Healing Hands Foundation. Though I can’t just yet…one day, I hope to participate in one of the Healing Hands projects, on-site with the growers and their communities. This is why I love doTERRA as a company.

Because essential oils are unique and individual for each person based on their own body chemistry, doTERRA decided to adopt a direct selling model instead of mass marketing. This model enables Wellness Advocates with commitment, passion, experience and vision to share these oil in a 1:1 conversation with people like you. In addition, doTERRA has made a corporate commitment to continuously educate & support their advocates and their customers.

It was because of these three reasons that I decided to become a Wellness Advocate. It is amazing to me to share something I love in a wellness conversation one on one. Since this decision, I have not looked back. I here to help in any way that I can…please reach out!


LEARN You have many options and I’m here to support you along the way…

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If you are considering becoming a Wellness Advocate to share the oils or grow your own business, please contact me directly. We need to connect! And I will give you support by the bucket-load!!